Sumattory® was created on 2009 by two, two complimentary profiles that share two passions: mountain and bikes; since then our commitment is to design and produce the best stuff for you.

Premium Clothing for Cycling Lovers, this is the claim that could best sum up our project.


Sumattory was created from the need to find truly technical equipment to practice our favorite sports. The market had confused since long time ago the technical with the complicated, the advantages with the fantasy, the hobbies with the jobs... Sumattory cycling clothing is engineered, designed and manufactured to help the fans of one of the most beautiful sports, fulfill their most ambitious challenges.


Our process starts in the Pyrenees, there we ride the bike and play around. We get our inspiration and we discover new needs on our daily rides. Then we sit around a table with a hot chocolate and put our thoughts in order. Then comes time to write some e-mails and have some Skypes with our technology center in Switzerland. They put in a formal way our thoughts and requirements. Then request the first protos...